In 1896 the Sisters of Sion founded a convent school in Chepstow Villas W11. For its time the school had superb facilities which included a playground and gymnasium at the rear. 73 years later in 1969 the then reverend mother decided to sell the now aging gymnasium so she could build a more modern one that was properly connected to the school. A local surveyor and squash fanatic, Colin White, saw that the gymnasium would convert into six squash courts and proceeded to buy the old building and the connecting garage. In the following 15 years Lambton Squash Club proved to be a great success and even hosted the British national squash championships. By the mid 1980's as the popularity of squash began to wane a little and with another health club already built and proving very successful in Chiswick, Colin White converted the squash club into what became London's premier fitness establishment and in 1987 Lambton Place Health Club opened its doors.