Club Energy

I know personally how daunting it is to join the Gym, or go to the Gym. I know all too much about the nerves, intimidation, embarrassment. Until I joined Club Energy, (Yes, I was a member here before we became owners) the staff here helped me to achieve my goals, lose weight and feel happier. I felt comfortable, accepted and valued, exactly what I had never felt in other Gyms. Now we have taken ownership of Club Energy we strive to keep hold of those very important characteristics to make Club Energy stand out from the crowd and keep our members coming back! The first step is the hardest, but then leave the rest to us and let us help you on the path to a better you!

Apart from our outstanding service, we aim to perform as a Health Club. We are all about taking care of your health and your general fitness, starting from the inside. Its not about being super skinny or being a body builder.