Crossfit Defiance

At CrossFit Defiance, we feel that everyone, from elite athletes to middle aged office workers are designed to move in the same way and for that reason, everyone will perform the same workouts. The weights used and intensity can be adjusted to whatever your current level of ability is, but we aim to get everyone to progress from the level they are when they first walk in.

We are passionate about CrossFit! Over the past few years, we have seen tremendous results, not just within ourselves, but within the community we have been involved with. Our aim is to pass on our knowledge and expertise to people of all ages and all fitness backgrounds.

We pride ourselves on our coaching and our ability to teach anyone the movements used in crossfit; from the simple press up to the olympic snatch, to 'toes to bar', muscle ups and kettlebell swings. Through experience we have learned the best progressions to help people learn quickly and more importantly, safely, regardless of their current abilities.