About the Business

CrossFit is a challenging, rewarding, fun and incredibly addictive form of fitness, that encompasses a variety of techniques and movements such as gymnastics, kettlebells, weight lifting, running, body-weight movements and many more. It is a versatile fitness program designed to effectively build cardio, strength and flexibility, whilst focusing on the quality of your movements. With constantly varied workouts, this is not your usual boring and repetitive gym routine. CrossFit will help you to look and feel fitter, stronger and healthier than ever before.

At CrossFit Leamington, we provide you with top class instruction from our experienced coaches, a supportive and friendly community, and an atmosphere and environment that is encouraging, motivating and fun! We welcome people of all ages and abilities and work in small group sessions to provide quality 1-to-1 coaching. In our workouts, we use various scaling options to accommodate any fitness level, injury or limitation, so that everyone is on the same playing field.

Location & Hours

6 St David's Close

Leamington Spa, CV31 1QF
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