Fitness Formation

We specialise in one thing and one thing alone. We are not "Jack of all trades". We specialise in body transformations. Weight loss. We first and foremost make sure you are safe, and most of all, make sure you have FUN inside and outside of the studio, in order to help you achieve YOUR results. If you've been to one of the "big box" gyms, you know they're more interested in collecting your monthly membership fees than in helping you succeed. Trying to work out and get in shape at one of these gyms can be an overwhelming experience.

At Fitness Formation, we take a much more different approach. Our fully qualified and experienced personal trainers work with you to craft a unique programme based on your current abilities, your needs, and your goals. We work with you to create an ideal nutritional plan to get you to your goals without feeling deprived or frustrated. One you can sustain and what you can keep up with in every day life.