Hers Gym & Spa

Do you reside in London and are looking for the best women's only gym West London? Come to Hers Gym and Spa, a women only gym situated on Harrow Road, London. Since our establishment in 2009 after being in the fitness industry for 15 years, we have gradually expanded our operations to become one of the most reputable institutions for women's fitness in London. In response to the rising demand for gyms that specifically cater for women, we opened our doors to provide not only a top-notch workout experience but also a unique and friendly service.

If you are a woman aged 14 years and above looking for an exclusive women only gym, you are welcome to use our spacious facilities which consist of a wide range of modern fitness equipment. We offer a friendly and personalised service to ensure that women who come to our gym feel comfortable and supported to tone their bodies into the ideal shape and size.