Horizons Leisure Club

We are a Private Members Health Club, with a view to fostering a community of friendly health orientated members. As a club, we aim to ensure that we are never too crowded, and never too busy to offer you some help. We simply offer quality! New members are welcomed, "inducted" and guided by our fitness staff, so if you're unsure, we are here to guarantee your first experiences are good ones. We'll design you a programme and then give you as much attention as you need.

London Horizons was founded in 2004, as a social enterprise with the interests of the local community at heart. As a result of our investment in Durand Academy (formerly Durand Primary School), the school has been able to dramatically improve its facilities, employ more staff, reduce class sizes, offer subsidised organic dinners, give free swimming lessons and provide subsidised after school provisions, helping to deliver the best education to its intake.