J R's Olympia

JR's is situated in the centre of Hucknall on Watnall road, walking distance from the High Street and nearby car parks. Formerly a Co-op building, the gym has now been renovated to a high standard. It is on four floors covering over 6,000 square feet. JR's is a family run business with over 24 years experience. It was established in the 1980's and was started by John and Pam Baker, who turned their hobby into a successful business.

JR's is committed to providing a clean, friendly and helpful atmosphere to all ages and people from all walks of life. Qualified staff are always on hand to ask for help or advice, from diet plans to customised training programmes. Recognised as one of the most effective exercise methods for general health and fitness, resistance training combined with Cardiovascular workouts, improves muscular tone, body strength, reduces body fat and can aid in lowering blood pressure. This also can help with any other health issues.