Luckys Gym Gallions

We will provide you with a Guaranteed Results Driven Fitness Plan: "Hybrid Fitness System". All under the expert supervision of one of our knowledgeable and friendly Coaches.

Luckys Gym is the only Gym providing "The Hybrid Fitness System". A system that was designed by our Team of Personal Trainers, CrossFit Coaches, Strength Coaches and Physiotherapists. We have put together the fastest and most effective training exercises and routines that will Get the results that YOU want. Whether your goal is.

Mobility is phase 1 of 3 in our Hybrid Fitness System, its purpose is to stimulate your brain and nervous system, build physical awareness and enhance agility and flexibility. The human body is a complex piece of kit, comprising of an amazingly engineered machine, run by the most powerful organic operating system "The Brain". Through extensive work with Kinesiologist Richard Lorde and inspiration from the "Applied movement neurology academy".