Lunula Nails

Pacific Gym Lincoln was the 1st ever gym in Lincoln for lifting weights and has evolved to include cardiovascular, powerlifting and specific strength & conditioning equipment catering for the ever growing fitness market. Pacific Gym is an independent gym and not part of any chain, we are located in the city of Lincoln opposite Morrisons supermarket and specialise in Powerlifting, Weight Training and general fitness. The gym swears by its slogan: Live Well And Train Hard, we strongly believe in living a healthy lifestyle and training hard to help improve fitness and general well being.

The gym offers a wide range of Top Strength Equipment, 2 Squat Racks, Customized 750kg approved by Eddie Hall Powercage with a variety of pull up's, Dedicated Deadlift Platform, Plenty of weight plates, Dumbells from 2kg-55kg, Suspension Training, Treadmills, Bikes, Steppers, Cross Trainers, Concept 2 Rowers and a seperate Ladies Only Gym & More.