With her growing Popularity via Facebook and other social media sources, along with TV, Newspaper and media coverage Kerry is setting the standards High when it comes to being an Elite Trainer. Kerry has attended extensive training programs, passed multiple high level Professional Qualifications across different areas of her trade to ensure she is Highly Skilled to offer the BEST service. Kerry Derham is highly respected in and around the Worthing community for her Passion, Dedication and constant Hard Work putting twists on programs, learning new techniques and keeping her training fresh and current. With Kerry's style of training, Hundreds of 121 clients and students are getting into the BEST shape of their lives. I want to INSPIRE people through exercise and nutrition. If you can inspire somebody, you can Change a life. Building a six pack alone isn't going to do you any good, but if you can create a Positive change in another person, you've set him or her up for Success.