Stans Gym

Today we have three main training areas. We have the original 30 year old heavy duty gym but with updated equipment. Secondly we have a nice smart and very tidy health club area perfectly suited for women but also used by men because of its excellent machines. Thirdly we have a punch bag room and kick bags. Stan's Gym is against the use of illegal drug in sport and therefore Stan prevents anyone from selling them at the gym. Illegal drug use like anabolic steroids are normally completely overlooked by gym and health club owners and their managers, because most business are mainly interested in the money. Stan's gym never started as a business but a passion for lifting weights, and even though Stan's Gym has been through many changes over the years Stan still runs Stan's Gym as a passion and not mearly a business. Stan still works out lifting weights 3 days per week, he is still passionate for people to get the very best out of their training and their life in general.