Steel Habitat Strength & Conditioning

Steel Habitat is The Hub of Strength & Athleticism in Liverpool (and now in Manchester too!) We're the "Number-One, No-Nonsense, Results-Driven Gym" in both cities.

To take ambitious guys and girls who have plateaud and make them strong as f*#k, athletic and impressive to look at. Our ethos is to make small, simple, effective changes that will have huge impact on how you look, feel and perform every single day - we call this the minimum effective dose.

It's not a simple as a 'normal' gym where you just turn up and pay your joining fee and membership. We have zero tolerance or patience for tyre-kickers and whiny excuse-makers who are scared to get their head down and put some hard work in, so in order to weed those people out before they even get to walk through our door. You have to apply. This is a strict process that you must complete if you want to become part of any of our programs. Unapolegotically; no application equals no entry.