Reflexions Muscle & Fitness Centre
We have a large range of equipment available, and can accommodate all your training needs. We are the biggest and best free weight gym in the area and boast over 2 tonne in weight, including dumbbells
Clocktower Gym
With brand new equipment, expert trainers and friendly staff on hand - this village Gym gives you town centre facilities in a village environment. There's a great new way to exercise, get fit and stay
He Fit She Fit
Have you ever wanted to change how you look or ever looked at someone else and wished you looked the same. Do gyms make you feel uncomfortable, does training around other people make you
Pump House Gym
We stock a wide range of supplements to aid you in your training pre, during or post workout. We have over 3 tonne of weight to get you well into your fitness journey, we have a wide range of
VirtualGym TV
As the world's first live broadcasting and on-demand online gym, VirtualGym TV's entry into the fitness market has created a major stir with its pioneering solutions for both corporate and
Rochester Health Club
There is not another gym in Kent that can offer you the amount or variety of top quality equipment that we offer you. This means no waiting - EVER for equipment! Refresh and relax with a quick dip,
CrossFit Cantii
CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other
Health Quarters UK
The Health Quarters studio located in the heart of Davis Estate provides the perfect environment to exercise through opportunities such as personal training, classes and even private gym usage. Based
Lifestyles Health & Fitness
We are a privately run health club, owned and operated by Dr Tony Stevenson, an enthusiastic professional with more than 25 years of practical experience in both the medical health care and fitness
Krav Maga Kent
Thank you for visiting our website, we hope it has added to your interest and curiosity about Krav Maga. Now the only way to truly experience what the Krav Maga Academy offers is to visit us and come