Apple Fitness Centre

I've been going spinning with andrew guest instructing for over a year now, he is a brilliant instructor and has excellent knowledge where diet and fitness are concerned. I would definitely reccomend his massages aswell he has done wonders for my aches and pains which are caused through years of incorrect posture, an all round top bloke.

Been on a few occasions now about an injury to my back. Andrew Guest has helped massively with his sports therapy getting me back running and playing football again. Highly recommend a visit if you've an injury.

It was thanx to a friend on fb that I first heard about Andy Guest, thankgod she put that message on because it introduced me to the best fingers in Worksop. After having 4 prolapsed discs & suffering tension & headaches from them I needed someone that would help me feel better & someone who knew what they were doing. Over the past 9 years ive had pain & no one's helped saying 'everyone has a bad back'.