Flair Gymnastics GUILDFORD

Thanks Flair, Bethany really enjoys Flair and her confidence in herself and her ability to do gymnastics has increased. So thanks to all the team.

Katieann really enjoys going to Flair and the coaches are friendly and make the gymnastics fun for the children. Katieann's confidence has built up over the years since she's been at Flair and they also keep everything safe for the children.

Three years ago one of our daughters was introduced to gymnastics through Flair and has loved it ever since, a year later our youngest daughter joined Flair. Both of them now have a real passion for gymnastics and enjoy learning exciting new skills with Flair. The Flair programme is lots of fun and is adapted to each child individually, so whatever a child's level they learn and develop at the right pace for them. The Flair coaches are always encouraging and supportive of the children while making the lessons fun and rewarding.