Gym 21

Bill Jones is a unique athlete, as he has competed at the top level in more than one sport. Not only is a Bill a successful Body-Builder, he has also competed for his country as a Karate Champion. Bill took up Body-Building at the age of 25, after his deep-sea diving career was dramatically cut short. He was travelling all over the world inspecting oil rigs, when disaster struck in the Gulf. Iran was at war with Iraq and Bill's ship was hit by an Exocet missile. Many of Bill's friends were killed or badly burned, but Bill was lucky, as he was inside his cabin at the time of impact.

However, the pressure from the explosion burst Bill's ear drums, ending his diving career. After several surgeries, Bill returned to the UK, where he started working on building the Gym 21 brand. This was the natural progression from competitive body-building. Bill is now using all of his knowledge and expertise, in the running of one of the most up to date gymnasiums in the UK.