Peak Physique

You may know that we are a privately owned gym that was established in 1988 and now under new ownership, and you would be right, however we're not just a gym. Peak Physique Lisburn Road is about lifestyle, YOUR lifestyle. If you want to be super fit, super toned and in the shape of your life, you'll get that here. We have fully trained Peak Physique staff and a host of personal trainers who are more than willing to support and encourage you to achieve your goals.

BUT and it's a big but, if you want to just get fitter, feel good and look better and very importantly, enjoy achieving that, then you'll get that here too.

See, we believe that it's not all about blood, sweat and hard work, well it is a wee bit! But at Peak Physique it is also about meeting people, making friends and being part of that unique buzz that only the Lisburn Road can offer.