Smash The Fat

My name is Sian Thomas and I am one of Cardiff's leading fitness professionals and personal trainers.

My enthusiasm for health and fitness was reignited when I entered the Blenheim Triathlon back in 2008. I hadn't done any serious exercise for several years and I didn't lead the healthiest of lives so I knew that I would be facing a really big challenge. I started training a few months prior to the event and the running, cycling and swimming that I did in preparation for the big day increased my confidence, improved my mood and enabled me to lose weight. I found that I was suddenly full of energy and that I was as a result more successful in work and generally a lot happier. At the same time I started taking care of my diet and nutrition and these changes together with the sudden increase in exercise made me feel like a new person.

I loved taking part in the Triathlon and since that day I have taken part in several others triathlons as well as many road races.