Oxford Lifestyle Centre
The Oxford Lifestyle Centre is designed around you and packed full of great lifestyle services and facilities. Let our team of leading professionals help you make the most of your Oxford Lifestyle
The Park Club Milton
SOLL (VALE) is a registered charity whose purpose is to provide recreational opportunities for the communities it serves. It is a not for profit organisation which means that all surpluses are
The Gym Bicester
In 1994, The Gym was established because we understood the importance of fitness in our lives. We know first hand the challenges involved in taking the first steps towards starting a fitness routine.
Ladypace Kidlington
Many women do not enjoy exercising in the inherently competitive environment produced when having to work out alongside numbers of men and well co-ordinated fitter younger females. Many women do not
Hall Training Systems
We're proudly serving Oxfordshire by providing you with a personal training service that gives you the very best in training techniques and nutritional advice. I believe nutrition equates to about 80%
Redefined Health & Fitness
The relationships we build with our members are important to us. We have an experienced team filled with creative and energetic instructors. We pride ourselves on getting to know each member as