CrossFit Skirmish
Our membership also includes great conditioning classes including Spin, Insanity, Kettlebells & Circuits. We are also home to CrossFit Skirmish, a brilliant CrossFit Box with over 40 WODs per week,
Headrick Fitness
Purposeful exercise is about exercising for your specific goals whilst correcting any muscle imbalances and mobility issues you may have. This enables our clients to improve their health-related
Capital Fitness
Perfectly placed on the west of Edinburgh, Capital Fitness is one of Edinburgh's most popular leisure clubs. Ajoined to Edinburgh Capital Hotel the club members have access to FREE parking. Why not
My name is Robert Clark some know me as Hashtag others as Rob, or Bob. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and I am the leader of an underground garage gym revolution that is going on at #BOBSGARAGE. I was
CRG CrossFit
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme designed for everyone regardless of age and current fitness level. When you apply effort towards the training and follow some basic dietary principles
Body Tech is run by Pete McLellan, an experienced fitness instructor. It is dedicated to providing a flexible and personal fitness training service in Edinburgh and the East of Scotland. The training